Zero period

Zero period activities are organized in planned manner for the all round development of the child. A plethora of activities are lined up  Read More

as our zero period activities. Considering the excellent benefits, students derive through extra-curricular activities.
We have included :

·    Classical Dance
·    Western Dance
·    Martial Arts
·    Aerobics
·    Music(Instrumental)
·    Yoga
·    Robotics
·    Skating
·    Cricket Coaching.

For many of the above, we out source experts in each discipline.

Morning Assembly
Daily activities of the school begin with the common assembly where all the pupils and the teachers assemble at a common place, in an orderly manner as soon as the first bell goes. Pupils form themselves class wise and each class is led by the respective class teacher who looks after the discipline and enforces perfect silence. Read More

Principal leads the common prayer and addresses the assembly. Weekly duty is allotted house wise. A student member of the house reads the daily news followed by reading of the thought for the day. Any volunteer student speaks on an important topic. Teachers deliver lectures on moral values. The assembly then disperses in orderly manner to their respective classes.
Morning assembly is the physical, mental and spiritual preparation before beginning studies at school. We are entering the temple of learning and therefore we need to make our body and mind pure. Prayer is nothing but the purification of mind. Noble thoughts alone can make a mind pure. We pray to God to “lead us from impure to pure, from Darkness to light and from Death to immortality.

House System
House system is regarded as an integral part of education particularly for co-curricular activities. In this system, students from class I upwards are divided into 3 houses viz. Rose, Tulip, Daffodil. Under the charges of different teachers designated as house masters. The basic objective of the house system is to Read More

organize inter-school competitions covering all activities leading to the development of all-round personality of pupils, inculcating the qualities of leadership, a spirit of healthy competition, a feeling of brotherhood, a sense of responsibility, co-operative team spirit, fair play and self-help. This will help children to imbibe the art of living together and to build up confidence and self-dependence. Mass participation is encouraged. Each house master shall be responsible for the students under his/her house.

School Clubs
Amravati Vidyalaya has set up the club activities scheduled on Saturday. Student from class VI-X are allowed to choose a club of their own choice. The school has formed three clubs: Eco Club (Go Green), Health Club (Sanjeevani) and the Legal Literacy Club.