Pre-Primary Classes

·    We offer three years of pre-schooling starting with Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G.
·    Minimum age for registration to Nursery is 3+ years as on 1st April.
·    Admissions are made through interactions.

Personal Attention
Each class has a regular teacher to ensure personal attention. There are maids to attend to their needs of the kids from time to time.

Art, Craft & Calligraphy
To encourage creativity Art, Craft, Calligraphy and Music are made compulsory as essential parts of teaching.

Social Education
Mutual understanding, sharing and respect are inculcated through group activities. Stories are narrated/read from books which support the class-room teaching also.

Play Time
Swings, Slides, Cycling, Flash pool activities etc. are specially arranged for play time. Educational trips and picnics are annual features.

Academic Curriculum - Pre Primary
Play forms the key role for kindergarten while aiming at all round development of children. The formal pre-school education is imparted in natural situations and a general awareness is gradually cultivated to:-

- Learn to recite poems, verses, stories etc. in English and Hindi.
- Learn and read small words and small sentences.
- Learn to write in English and Hindi.
- Learn to write numbers upto 100, a little addition, subtraction and multiplication.
- Learn drawing and modeling of figures with pencils, crayons etc.
- Learn to cut and paste shapes and figures from paper and card board etc.