A School's Foundation
is laid by its students as well as versatile faculty. We are committed to fostering an environment where a child can acquire quality education and lessons for life. Excellence, Morality, Integrity, Leadership, Service, Respect and Gratitude are the fundamental qualities instilled in each student of our school. These virtues facilitate in character building, thereby enabling the students to live a life of reverence and honesty. Education cannot be gained in a couple of days; it takes years of hardships. At Amravati Vidyalaya, education and knowledge is imparted best in course of time with fun learning lessons and activity based learning. Read More

The teachers of this school instill in their students a love for learning as they use innovative ideas to teach the basic skills and complex concepts underlying each academic area. Communication is a major part of social skills. Education helps in developing the same. Amravati Vidyalaya focuses on the multifaceted development of students. It is a matter of great honour and pride for me to be associated with this Temple of Knowledge as we nurture the young minds in a happy environment to make them aware and enlightened citizens.