Kindly intimate the
school office immediately if there is any change in your telephone number and residence.

Attendance of students
in all school activities / school functions, particularly on celebrations of National Days (Independence Day, Republic Day) is compulsory.

Leave applications
upto four days should be addressed to the class teacher and for more than four days to the Principal.

Requests for
change of section of your ward will not be entertained.

Medical leave must
be accompanied by a medical certificate. No short leave for birthdays, engagements or any other family celebrations will be granted during school hours.

No friends, acquaintances
or relatives may be directed on behalf of the parents to visit their ward during school hours. This practice will not be permitted.

Do not send
the ward to school if he/she complains of sickness or is suffering from any infectious disease.

Parents should not visit
the school on non-visiting days without prior appointment or unless called by school office.

Distribution of eatables
to classmates and others on account of birthdays of wards is not allowed. Moreover, students should come in uniform even on their birthdays.

Parents would be
informed about the PTM, as and when they are scheduled.


A student’s name is liable to be struck off from the rolls for

a) Long absence of more than ten days without information.

b) Non payment of dues.

c) Disciplinary grounds (Use of drugs, violence, damage to school property etc.)

It is advisable
not to call your ward back home during school hours (not even by school bus in 12:30 noon trip) by sending written requests or by sending any other person known to you. However in case of emergency either of the parents may come personally to collect your ward. They should carry photocopy of their wards’ ID Card.