About Amravati Vidyalaya

Education in its proper sense must take into account not only the full growth of a student’s personality but the totality of the relations and lead him to the highest self fulfillment of which he is capable.

In the years to come the school is envisaging as sea change for achieving academic excellence through experimental learning in children coupled with a steady and logical growth imparting them in moral and spiritual value as enshrined in our Vedic heritage, to achieve a meaningful living.

Message by the Director :

In the history of development of any academic institution, time is a small factor. The school, Amravati Vidyalaya is yet trying its wings to fly high to the destinations of glory and excellence. From the corridors of infancy, the school is at a stage of development, where the future is being influenced by the exigencies of the present environment, the students are the strength of our institution. They muster indomitable courage, confidence coupled with wisdom and vision for a bright future, keeping the principles of life taught by our excellent team of teachers. Our mission and vision is not to make the school a stereotyped one, but to set a new example in the present academic scenario. The teaching learning system has undergone a sea change over the years.

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The student today as an individual, is a real person with feelings of self respect, sensitivity, responsibility and compassion. Let us recognize, appreciate, applaud and foster these activities which are directed to help others.

Let us work towards providing our pupils with a holistic education and continue their good efforts in doing their best, making improvement year after year till achieving excellence in their lives.

For educators, the bottom line is to help students to understand the purpose of learning all those subjects in their time table. In this way learning will become purposeful and students will grow with the ability to respond to any situation and naturally will contribute a better society.

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