FEE SCHEDULE (2024-25)
Sr.No. Particulars Nursery to VIII IX-X XI-XII (Arts/Commerce/Science)
1 Admission Fee (New Admn) 11000/- 11000/- 12000/-
2 Security Refundable (New Admn) 1000/- 1000/- 2000/-
3 CWF (New Admn) 100/- 100/- 100/-
4 Admission Fees (Old students of Class I, VI & IX and XI only) 1600/- 1600/- 1600/-
5 Monthly Fees (Per Month) 4000/- 4300/- 4400/-
6 Bus Fee (Per Month) (Optional) Chandimandir, Surajpur and DLF 1100/- 1100/- 1100/-
Pinjore, Kalka, Himshikha and Panchkula 1700/- 1700/- 1700/-
Note : -
• Fee Collection through Schoolapp only.
• Above fee schedule is applicable w.e.f. the academic session 2024-25.
• Fee payment Schedule will be as follows:
No. of Installments Fee for the month of Fee Deposit Date
First April Till 15th April
Second May- June Till 15th May
Third July- August Till 15th July Late fee fine will be imposed Rs. 10/- per day
beyond 15th of respective months of payment.
Fourth September-October Till 15th September
Fifth November – December Till 15th November
Sixth January - March Till 15th February
• If fee is not paid till 21st day of the month, the name of the student shall be struck off on the 21st day of the month or on the next working day if 21st day happens to be a holiday and the child will be re-admitted only after the payment of arrears and the readmission fee of Rs.1,000/-.
• Sibling Concession: An amount of Rs. 2700/- will be waived off from the fees to be paid in March 2025 for the younger/youngest child in case of sibling.
• Except security amount, Fees once paid will not be refunded even if the child has not attended the school for a single day.
• The school management reserves the right to revise the above fee schedule whenever felt necessary.