Facilities of the School

·    Periodic assessment & regular reports to parents.
·    Online testing lab for performance assessment.
·    Periodic Medical check-up.
·    Mobile app for :

- Attendance information.
- Academic Performance.
- School Calendar.
- Circulars.
- Class Time- Table.
- Examination Schedule.
- Home Assignments.

·    Cricket and Skating coaching by academy.
·    Robotic Classes.

Smart Board Classes
Today the new methods of digital teaching have taken the educational world by storm. The school launches an additional teaching aid 'Smart Board' adding a feather to its cap of development. In order to achieve academic excellence in education, emphasis is given on the judicious use of instructional media.

Online Testing Lab
This new system of learning would provide our students with an opportunity to learn and grow in a congenial environment. Evaluation is an integral part of instruction. No instruction is complete without evaluation. An online Testing Lab has been set up in the school for Formative as well summative Assessments. Read More

It has proved to be a boon to teachers, students and the parents as well. By the click of a button, students can select any topic from any subject, objective or subjective type to test their knowledge level and also for understanding. Modern technology has made education very easy. This system further encourages a great deal of independent learning on the part of the students.

Medical Facility
School provides Annual Medical checkup facility for students. Apart from these during school time students complaining of any minor injuries or ailments are treated with immediate effect with the help of Radhi Devi Hospital in Amravati Enclave.

Robotics Classes
Robotics, which used to be the stuff of Science- fiction dreams are now in common place of every good schools. In Amravati Vidyalaya, this experience is given to the students of almost all ages starting from class IV onwards. Students are trained to prepare for tournaments. Students Read More

can participate in Local, Regional, National and even International robotics competitions.Benefits are many of joining this course.Talk to any robotics team member (or their parents) and you will hear tons of reasons for joining a team: from fueling students' passion and learning professionalism to participating in a sport where everyone can turn pro and more.

Cricket coaching events offer an enjoyable and challenging programme of both individual and group skill development. Cricket can be played both socially and competitively, by males and females of all ages. To play cricket you need to be fit and strong, and have good hand-eye coordination and ball-handling skills. Read More

Cricket involves sprinting between wickets and running to stop balls, as well as bowling and throwing. Health benefits include Endurance and stamina, Balance and coordination, Physical fitness and improving hand-eye coordination.

Skating Academy
Taking up an active hobby such as Skating can help a child to keep fit and healthy, whilst also leading to good habits in adulthood. Roller skating works almost every major muscle group in the body. Not only that, kids today need all the help they can get to stay in shape and live a healthy life style. Read More

And skating does just that by providing a great way for them to exercise.So, we offer skating lessons as well to our children in addition to all other activities. Our skating lessons are provided to children by trained professionals and practice sessions are held in the school skating rink.

Cultural and Sports
The role of education is not merely collection of facts or gathering knowledge but also the all-round development of a child. Therefore, class room teaching has to be supplemented effectively by Physical Education, Games and Sports for inculcating the qualities of leadership, self-confidence, spirit of camaraderie, brotherhood, discipline and Read More

team spirit. So, our vidyalaya has organized many Indoor and outdoor games and trains students with the help of qualified coaches. Cultural activities are also equally important. Training in Indian dance and Indian music with the help of qualified teachers and cultural programmes etc. are organized from time to time. We encourage talents in Vocal music, Instrumental music, Western Music, Skill in acting, Mimicry and various other programmes. Educational Excursions and trips are also organized to supplement class room teaching.