Laboratories form an integral part of school education. Children enjoy learning by doing. They play a great part in the education of children as they imprint the knowledge vividly in their minds than any prosaic lectures. We have well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computers in our school for teaching and learning. Today the age old concept of text book teaching has undergone a sea change. It has been supplemented by modern methods of teaching. Students should increase their ability to understand, analyze and solve problems with accurate logical sequence. Mathematics laboratory helps children to develop the core concepts of fundamental learning.


Students shall avail school bus facility to Chandimandir, Pinjore, Kalka, Himshikha and Panchkula. Buses will ply to these places on fixed routes only. Buses will pick up and drop students from fixed local stops decided by the school. Request for change of bus routes in mid session will not be entertained. Bus facility is available only to the regular users. Students may use bicycles to commute but are not permitted to use cars, scooters etc. for coming to school without proper license. In case of discontinuation of bus facility, request should be made in office in written immediately. Otherwise usual bus charges will be levied.


School has canteen facility in its premises. It provides hygienic and healthy refreshments to students. The aim is not only to provide snacks and soft drinks but also to make them capable of learning the value of money and minor calculations. Children who board the bus early in the morning hardly takes any food and sometimes do not like to eat the home made. A hungry stomach cannot allow the digestion of any food for thought. School canteen provides the facility for variety to their taste buds.


The role of education is not merely collection of facts or gathering knowledge but also the all-round development of a child. Therefore, class room teaching has to be supplemented effectively by Physical Education, Games and Sports for inculcating the qualities of leadership, self-confidence, spirit of camaraderie, brotherhood, discipline and team spirit. So, our vidyalaya has organized many Indoor and outdoor games and trains students with the help of qualified coaches.


Cultural activities are also equally important. Training in Indian dance and Indian music with the help of qualified teachers and cultural programmes etc. are organized from time to time. We encourage talents in Vocal music, Instrumental music, Western Music, Skill in acting, Mimicry and various other programmes. Educational Excursions and trips are also organized to supplement class room teaching.


Library today is considered to be the intellectual laboratory. It plays a pivotal role to achieve excellence in the school. We have books on poetry, short biographies, folk tales, pictures books, adventures, mysteries, quiz books and also books on various subjects and topics. Apart from these, we have daily newspapers, magazines, weeklies etc.

Computer Education

Computer education is essential in almost every walk of life including class room teaching where they find their use as a powerful tool to supplement teaching. Computer Education has been introduced in our institution from class I onwards.

Medical Facility

School provides Annual Medical checkup facility for students. Apart from these during school time students complaining of any minor injuries or ailments are treated with immediate effect with the help of Radhi Devi Hospital in Amravati Enclave.